The 19th Suzuki Shoten


Introducing the best Japanese DELICIOUSES in Malaysia

Suzuki Shoten is a Japanese foods and bevarages specialty store.

The real tastes of Japan

Our wishes are for you to enjoy "real tastes of Japan".

The real tastes of Japan - Japanese Sake

Suzuki Shoten is the first Japanese Sake specialty store in Malaysia.

What is Japanese sake

Too bored with Beer, Whisky and Wine?
Let's add Japanese Sake to your drinking list !

Suzuki Shoten sells good quality Japanese Sake at reasonable prices.
It has not been easy to find sake in Malaysia, now they are made available for you!
Sake is great pairing with fish and sauce ingredients, it is getting more western restaurants started to serve Sake in the Europe countries.
Sake's rich taste makes your drinking experience richer.

Our aim is to spread excellent Sake in Malaysia.

our goal
Suzuki Shoten shop