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Japanese Rice  rice

Freshly Polished Rice

We offer polishing brown rice service at our shop.

Freshly Polished rice

Fresh rice has different sweetness and flavour.

Japanese rice has sweetness and glossy texture

You can also try partially polished brown rice that highly nutritious !

highly nutritious brown rice

Japanese Rice

Japan is famed as 'Mizuho country' where you can see beautiful scenery of the terraced paddy fields spread out wide and far.

Japan is called MIZUHO COUNTRY.

Rice is not only a staple food for Japanese people,
It is a gift from the sun.

Effort of farmers

It is customary for Japanese to eat the last grain of rice as a sign of appreciation to the farmers.

High grade Japanese rice specialty shop

Japanese rice is sticky and very delicious. When bite,
the fragrance and sweetness will spread in your mouth.


It's a main dish itself.

You can purchase Freshly Polished Rice at our shop !